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Inside the Numbers. 7/17/13
By Mark Baccoli

A total of 63 players have worn the Ravens logo over the past five years. Of course, there are the usual contributors who continue to post significant numbers season after season, but there are others who play roles that may go less noticed.

Has it been that many?
Donny Mcdonald has played in 20 Ravens games since 2009, but has yet to play a full season with the team. No other player has played more games with the Ravens, without participating in at least one full season. He has been a reliable sub periodically during league play and has appeared on the Ravens' tournament team a couple times.

The goon squad.
Four players have registered over 100 penalty minutes in Ravens history, and these four stand alone. Former Ravens forward, Fred Pascalli leads the way with 227, but that will soon be passed by Ravens' captain Kevin Vey, who has 212. Current players Joe Simpson (201.5) and Brian Bump (167) also have strong numbers and do not sit far from the top spot.

Defense providing offense.
Joe Simpson's long tenure with the Ravens has made him the all-time leading scorer for Ravens' defensemen. His 107 points not only makes him one of six players with over 100 points, but he has 49 more points than any other defenseman. He is also approaching the 50 goal mark and has over twice as many assists as any defenseman to wear the Ravens uniform over the past five years.
Simpson: 107
Rhone: 58
Roberts: 56

Age is just a number.
Does it come as a surprise that Mark Cavanagh, the man sitting in fourth place in Ravens overall scoring since 2009 is 53 years young? He is also one of only two Ravens to ever to hit the 100 assist mark and one of five players to record 50 or more career goals. His 1.43 points per game ranks him number three out of the 26 players who have played 11 or more games. "Points per game" is the statistic that best illustrates a player's ability to produce goals and assists. Posting a high average of points per game, while having a long tenure with the team is impressive enough. For a 53 year old, it is down right awesome.
1) Zampella: 1.87
2) Ramsay: 1.71
3) Cavanagh: 1.42

It's all about timing.
Scoring goals that win games is a difficult task to accomplish. To do this frequently without recording a notably high career goal total is even more impressive. Todd Tanck stands alone in fifth place all time in game winning goals with 7. What makes this stat so impressive is that it only took him 30 goals and 68 games to do so. No other player who has registered 7 or more game winning goals has played fewer than 100 games or scored fewer than 50 goals in their Ravens career.

He sure can dish 'em.
Kevin Vey is the all time leader in Ravens assists with 136, as well as the single season record holder with 23. He has recorded double digit assist counts the past eight seasons and has led the team in assists six of those eight seasons. Getting your nose dirty and setting up teammates are the roots to a team's success and it can be an underrated part of hockey. That's why this stat deserves some recognition.
Vey: 136
Cavanagh: 101
Zampella: 77

The big six.
One of the major milestones a player can hit with a hockey club is scoring 100 points in their career. Jerry Zampella (213), Kevin Vey (209), Fred Pascalli (179), Mark Cavanagh (152), Brian Bump (131), and Joe Simpson (107) will most likely enjoy their place in the "big six" for a while. The next players closest to the top six in scoring are Mike Petroules and Scott Rhone, who each have 58 points. The big six will most likely stand alone until the year 2014, or perhaps 2015 before another player surpass the 100 point mark. This milestone requires not only a combination of hard work and skill, but dedication and commitment to the team over the course of several seasons.

King of the castle.
As discussed above, six players have hit the 100 point plateau over the past five years, but one player has almost 100 more points than games played. Jerry Zampella has registered 213 points in just 114 games played and is the only player to participate in at least 25 games and record an average of more than one goal per game. His 136 goals, 23 game winning goals, and 213 points rank him first all time in those categories.

The Tampa Ravens view player stats as incentive to working hard and playing the game of hockey the way it is supposed to be played. Articles of this nature are intended for an interesting read and do not promote trash talking or feelings of superiority over fellow teammates. Hockey is a team sport and many of the stats noted on this page would not have been possible without the help of other players not listed in this article.