The UT ice hockey team is a Division III ACHA club with an annual budget of over $45k. Our revenues 
pay for ice, officials, travel, uniforms, and other expenses that are required to field a competitive team 
that represents the university. College hockey teams in Florida often travel long distances to play games, 
or even practice. All of the coaches are volunteer and each player pays $950 in dues. Fund raising is vital 
for our club to be able to complete the six month season. The generous donations from our sponsors go 
a long way every year. This page is intended to recognize everyone who has generously donated to UT Hockey this season. We greatly appreciate every contribution.

                               MVP Sponsors                             
Donation of $1,000 and up

                            Hat Trick Sponsor                           
Donations of $500 and up

                         Power Play Sponsor                          
Donations of $250 and up

                              Dangle Sponsor                            
Donations of $1 and up